Art Media offers high-end technology of cloud solutions for storage, back up and collaboration of your data. Combined with our trained and dedicated staff and affordable low costs we ensures our customer’s peace of mind.

Being at the center of Israel’s media industry, we respect the value of every kilobyte of footage or data that you store, whether it is for sentimental or future use. We understand your needs and difficulties when storing your data, and therefore strive to give you the best possible solution with the lowest possible price.

Our cloud is backed up 12 times in two different continents. As it constantly maintaining itself and with the 11/9 backup system there’s the probability of 0.99999999999 percent of losing a single file, or in other words, one file every 300 million years! All of your materials available for download from anywhere in the world at any time, no latencies os buffering time needed. Grant you partners access to your file with the restrictions that suits your needs.

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