Editing and finalizing a project can be a long and complicated process, we, at ArtMedia, want to make it easier for you. With over 25 years of experience, ArtMedia provides the overall solution for all lab and post production services.

From digitizing and sorting materials to online confirming and mastering of you final piece, you can find it all under the same roof with an easy and friendly customer service and high availability.

We offer the best quality DCP and IMF mastering services including conversion of images and sound tracks into digital cinema formats for TV series, feature films, trailers and advertising.

We also provide mastering service of DVD’s / Blu-Ray as well as a full range of file format conversions, including: Mini DV, DVcam, HDV, Mini DV, DVcam, HDV, Beta: SP,SX, Digital, Max, UMATIC HB/LB, PAL/NTSC, 8/16 mm” Film, Video 8/ High 8/ Digital 8, VHS and more.

Archives & Backups
We specialize in the creation of large scope archival projects for organizations and companies, as well as local based and cloud based backups. Along the years we have been constructing and safekeeping archives for huge organizations such as Lapam (Israel’s Government Advertising Agency), Fashion TV, Israel Film Fund, Coca Cola and others. Our restoration team is well equipped to handle and recover lost or damaged footage and reconstruct lost or corrupted data and drives.

Personnel & Technical Support
Our post production house offers the best team of technical and creative experts including top offline and online editors, After Effects specialists, technicians as well as digitizing and editing assistants. Our technical support team can also serve our clients in their own editing rooms or offices.

For personnel booking via ArtMedia please email us to of call us at 077-505-4004 or 053-961-9191.

We Offer Door to Door Service

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